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Bravado Farms is a full-service hunter/jumper show barn catering to junior and amateur riders who wish to compete at the county circuit or "A" rated shows or simply just ride for pleasure. Our training programs are custom tailored to help each horse and rider to meet their full potential and achieve their goals. 


Bravado Farms offers Full Training and Care packages. 


We believe that flatwork is an important foundation to our training program. We strive to teach our riders proper fundamentals and position so they can have the necessary tools to succeed. Lesson groups are always kept to 3 or less riders of the same level to allow each rider get the most out of their time in the saddle 

Flat Rate Training Package: $1600/month

This package includes a combination of 5 services per week – lessons and professional rides. If you cannot make it to your lesson your horse will be ridden for you. Vet and shoeing appointments and all show arrangements will be made for horses in full training. This package also covers full care of the horse. Everything will be taken care of for you: horse tacked and untacked for trainer rides, unlimited turnouts, lunges and hand walking, bathing, mane pulls, whisker clipping, tack care, feeding of supplements, wrapping, icing, and poulticing. All supplies are provided including laundry service, all grooming supplies, use of pads, boots, girths etc. Lunch grain is also included. We feed beet pulp, timothy pellets, senior feed, rice bran, Strategy and flax seed oil. Medications and supplements will be fed if provided by the owner. 


Lesson Program: Bravado Farms offers a lesson program for beginner and intermediate riders that do not yet own their own horses. Our lessons teach riders how to become knowledgeable horsemen from the ground up. Riders will learn how to care for their horses, groom, tack up and ride. Private lessons are 45-60 mins and available for both beginner and intermediate riders. Group Lessons are 60 mins and are available for riders that can walk/trot/canter on their own. We have experienced, safe horses and ponies available for lessons. 


Lessons are available for riders once a week. Riders wishing to lesson more than once a week or show, can have the opportunity to half-lease one of our great lesson horses. Half-leases include 3 lessons per week and the use of the horse for shows. 


Lesson Prices: $100 per lesson. Billed at the start of each month to reserve your lesson time and horse for the full month. No refunds.  Make up lessons given within the same month on an as-available basis. 24 hour cancellation policy. Limited availability for lesson students. We are unable to accommodate one time only lesson riders. 


Half Leases starting at $1,850 per month. Please inquire for more information. 



Care Program: $1000/month 

This package is available for laid up or horses needing rehabilitation short term. Hand walking, grooming, scheduling and meeting with vet and farrier, and any other daily care needed will be included in this program. Supplies and grain are also included.


Other Fees:


Body Clipping: $175

Blanketing: $50 during winter months.


Horse Show Fees: 


Fees for additional stalls, feed and bedding will be split up evenly among all clients attending the show. When attending out of town shows, all expenses for the trainer will be split and paid for by all the clients.  


Daily Coaching Fee: $75 per horse 


Grooming: $75/day. All horses showing must have groom service. This fee is paid directly to grooms at the end of the show.

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