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Advanced Horsemanship Clinic

There is still time to sign up for the Advanced Horsemanship Clinic at Bravado Farms.

When: Tuesday-Thursday, July 24-26 from 2-5pm each day

Where: Bravado Farms

Age: 10 years old and up

This clinic will cover the more advanced aspects of horse care that we do not get to go over during lessons. Students will learn:

~ types of tack and when/how to use

~ basic vet care including noticing signs of illness and injury, treating wounds, giving injections

~ how to apply wraps and bandages and what types of dressings to use

~ how to hook up and load horses in trailer

~ how to give baths

~ how to properly lunge/turn out horses

~ how to pull manes and clip

~ how to prepare a horse for showing

~ how to pack a tack trunk for away horse show

~ different types of feed and medications

~ how to prepare entries for horse shows and what to do in show office

~ how to properly clean tack

Drinks will be provided. There will be daily handouts given that will include all the information which was covered on that day. Friends with horse knowledge are welcome to attend.

Contact Tara or signup on the Barn Board if you are interested!

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