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South Coast Show Series Aug 2018

The girl is on fire! Martha Mckenna and Uladee where champions at yet another horse show this summer in the Ch/AA Jumpers!

Martha Mckenna and Uladee

Champion Ch/AA Jumpers

1st Ch/AA Jumpers

1st Eq Over 11 and under

2nd GSDHJA Flat Medal

2nd GSDHJA Mini/AA Medal

3rd Eq Flat 17 and under

4th Ch/AA Jumpers

Chloe Weber and Bona Fide

4th Short/Long Stirrup U/S

Sheridan Evarts and Toy Story

2nd Low Ch/AA HUS

3rd Low Ch/AA Hunter

3rd Low Ch/AA Hunter

3rd Eq Over 12-14

3rd GSDHJA Flat Medal

3rd GSDHJA Mini/AA Medal

5th Eq Flat 17 and under

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