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Beginner Horse Camp

This year there will be Beginner Horse Camp geared towards the little ones.

Who: ages 5-10 yrs

When: Monday, August 6-10th - Beginner Horse Camp

Time: 9am-2pm (care for additional hours before or after the camp can be arranged for an additional fee)

Location: Bravado Farms

Cost: $400 50% Deposit required to hold space

All camp payments are non-refundable

We offer a 15% sibling/referral discount, so bring someone along!

Our day camp is geared towards children ages 5-10, no prior horse experience required. Campers will learn about horse anatomy, how to properly care for and groom a horse, how to prepare for riding, learn to name and properly care for different horse equipment, and how to identify different breeds and colors. Each day will include a fun, horse related craft, games, and mini competitions! At the end of the camp we will have a party with water games, snacks, “pony painting”, and more!

The mornings will be spent learning all about the horses and what goes into taking care of them. Halfway through the day find a nice shady spot to relax, eat lunch, and horse around. After lunch time it is time to show off what they have learned with different horsemanship games! Finally, we end the day with a variety of fun crafts; from decorating a t-shirt and their very own horse brush to making horseshoe picture frames!

The camp begins Monday August 6th and runs until Friday August 10th. Camp hours are from 9am-2pm. If needed, we are able to accommodate additional before/after care for your child from 8:00 am until 5:00 pmat $15 per hour, per child - paid directly to the camp counselor staying with your child. The majority of this time will be spent with the horses helping the counselor work with the horses on the ground, watching lessons, ect. (no riding).

RSVP by July 15th since space will be limited. Contact Tara and sign up ASAP!

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